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The taste of good things

We are four partners gathered around the same values of solidarity, ecology and promotion of authentic local actors. 

Café Brazza was born out of a desire to work with small coffee producers in partnership with the Alchimiste , a well-known Bordeaux coffee roaster who accompanies coffee growers each year in their quality approach while promoting knowledge and the discovery of coffees. quality.

We also work with Café Quilate which sources all its coffee from small producers in Honduras and whose saying is “de mi finca a tu casa”.

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A place to live a different experience
with and through coffee

Café Brazza, by partnering with the most respectful suppliers of coffee and its producers, and by training with locally recognized professional baristas such as Maxicoffee in Mios, is committed to its customers to offer quality coffees, products premises including craft beers from the region, for example, and initiation and discovery workshops about coffee, its origins, its benefits but also the different extraction and storage techniques.


Our vision

Café Brazza positions itself as an eco-responsible player that promotes social and environmental justice, by extracting high quality coffee and creating by-products Café Brazza wants to defend coffee culture, support local know-how and add value to the coffee.


A committed cafe

In social and environmental justice

The origin of our products is controlled and our roasting partners work directly with local producers without intermediaries - respect and consideration for our coffee growers is at the center of our entrepreneurial approach.

in defense
and the promotion of know-how

In collaboration with Maxicoffee who would like to soon have the first Barista CAP in France, our teams are trained in extraction techniques as well as Latte Art, gentle methods, brewing and the history of coffee.

In the transfer
of a passion

We partner with local suppliers passionate about quality and we want to transfer our pleasure and our passion to you for an unforgettable moment of happiness. In collaboration with the Alchemist, we offer coffee initiation and discovery workshops. 

Our partners


Our Café Brazza Blend from family productions of coffee growers all working with sustainable practices


We sell specialty coffee from small producers on site and we organize tasting sessions.

Our shock team

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John David



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Peckish ?

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